An automated escrow payment system

How it works

How It Works

Submit a Budget

A user friendly dashboard to submit budgets and justify expenses.

Approve and Execute

Manage beneficiaries and approve budgets and specific expenses categories.

Auto Auditing

Instant clearing of transactions only for pre approved expense categories.

How It Looks

What Is Finabyss?

The Finabyss platform is a pure FinTech solution addressing the problem of automating the escrow accounts procedures, minimizing thus, the operational costs and simplifying the procedures.

Our platform delivers both payment and auditing solutions.

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The three basic principals upon which Finabyss is built its powerfull solution are:

  • Finabyss platform guarantees the conditional release of money, i.e. the account where pledged funds are kept is blocked until the execution of pre-agreed conditions.

  • Funds/Donations are easier and faster consumed maximizing their benefit.

  • Use technology to automate workflows and execute all the procedures with less human interactions.


Banking System

Modernize their escrow payment solutions.

Insurance Companies

Modernize the health claim procedures.

CSR Managers

Better auditing and managing procedures.

Micro Lending

Guarantee the loan is spent wisely.


Guarantee an investment is spent wisely.

Local Governments

Better auditing and managing procedures for care policies.